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image of The Stratos Ensemble, live at SheTech Media studios

Clips from our SheTech Media Launch Party

On 18 January, SheTech and Company launched our new recording and production facility in downtown Los Angeles with a party. Live band, good food, good company and some real excitement about the space and the location–these were the flavors of

Paraglider  © Stanisa Martinovic | Dreamstime.com

Taking the Leap

A friend of mine, who works in an entirely different industry, said to me recently, “We do our best work when we take that leap of faith.” I’ve heard such things before, but this time it really sunk in and

Rebekkah Hilgraves, president of SheTech and Company

Back in business

After a hiatus while we moved and restructured, SheTech and Company is back in business. We’ve relocated to Downtown Los Angeles. We’re excited about our new location and the possibilities ahead of us. We’ll be concentrating on clean/green technology as

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